Hi! I’m a multi-disciplinary graphic designer based in sunny Los Angeles.

My practice focuses on creating research-driven design solutions for branding, packaging, motion, and art direction projects.



Poster series

Bravura is defined as “a display of great daring.” It is also the name of the annual literary journal of Palomar College, which publishes student works of prose, poetry, and art. Often, they capture current conversations in the zeitgeist and become a time capsule for their year.

On a campus that primarily advertises events with black and white letter-sized paper, these posters are meant to catch the viewer’s eye with colors that connect to campus values, as well as contrasting their surroundings through sheer physical scale.

Bravura found parallels with the origins of Group, a collaborative typeface. Each letter represents the creative perspective of a different designer. Similarly, each selected work in Bravura represents the diverse perspectives of its editors and contributors. The posters were created to excite students about the publication and generate submissions to the journal’s 2021 edition.