Hi! I’m a multi-disciplinary graphic designer based in sunny Los Angeles.

My practice focuses on creating research-driven design solutions for branding, packaging, motion, and art direction projects.



Learning Ladle is a meal kit service for college students. The service aims to make cooking accessible and fun for a new generation of home cooks who want to learn how to make healthy and satisfying meals. Learning Ladle offers meal options suitable for dormitory-sized storage systems and full-sized meal options for students with access to full kitchens and larger storage systems.


We were tasked with a two-phase project in order to bring Learning Ladle to life.

  • Phase 1 consisted of developing the brand’s voice, and researching to effectively position Learning Ladle so that it stands out from its competitors in the industry.
  • Phase 2 involved the creation of brand assets, mockups, examples, and the creation of the final brand book.

Creative Direction: Patrick Brennan, Gisselle RamirezSunook Park
Art Direction: Patrick Brennan, Gisselle Ramirez
Copywriting: Patrick Brennan, Giselle Ramirez 


The Learning Ladle logo uses their namesake cooking utensil, a ladle. It is designed to appear through overlapping, transparent shapes. We created a custom, heavy-weight sans serif typeface and with rounded corners that felt friendly, approachable, modern, and substantial. Through this typeface, we hope to imply to our customers that they are getting a lot of good food for their money.


The Learning Ladle color palette is inspired by the company’s commitment to nutritious ingredients and affordability. It reflects the energizing effect of their meals and the growing intellect of the students they serve as they learn how to cook.


We chose a contemporary geometric sans serif typeface family for the headers and subheaders. These geometric qualities feel familiar but contemporary as well as friendlier due to their rounded edges. It feels related to our custom logotype but is still an individual in the system. They are cousins, not siblings.

For the body copy, we chose a typeface with tall, attractive letterforms. It feels modern; appropriate for our core customers. It is incredibly legible, making it easy to follow recipe instructions.